SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN Policy at Dayna's Daycare
Normal Hours of operation 6:30 AM – 5:30 PM, I DO NOT offer overnight or weekend care.

ALL CHILDREN, including younger/older siblings, need to stay with the parent/adult at all times when dropping off or picking up. This means they are not allowed to have access to the upstairs or outside in drive or the front yard, without adult supervision.

I am with the children at all times, regardless if they are in the outside fenced play area, or in the daycare area in the lower level of my home. Because my daycare area (basement) is designed as an open floor plan, I am able to keep the children within hearing distance at all times and viewing most of the time. The only time children are not in visual sight of myself is when I am attending my own personal needs, assisting another child’s needs in the bathroom, or if they are sleeping in the nap room at naptime. During nap time they are visually checked on at least every 15 minutes. I also have a child monitor on my desk in the main daycare room where I am during nap time; this allows me to always hear what is going on with total clarity.

Security: We have a security system in our home, anytime any exterior door or window is opened; and noise to warn us is sounded. I have a keyless entry storm door  that is locked during business hours and parents who attend my daycare punch in code to enter and when leaving my daycare/home.

 Substitute care: As stated in PARENT HAND BOOK, parents are responsible for their own substitute care.
 Outside Play: All children go to bathroom before outside play and or diapers changed. While outdoors playing, any child needing diaper changes or needing to use the bathroom, all of us will come in from outside. No child will be left unattended at any time. My phone and cell phone ALWAYS are taken outside.
Emergency: In case of my own personal emergency, I will call all parents to pick up their children. If unable to reach any parent, I would then call emergency contacts provided. I would call the local approved substitute agency if needed.  In case of emergency with a child in my daycare I will attend to child in need, then I will NOTIFY the parent of the child involved immediately and/or call 911 if needed. Then I will make the determination if I need to call the other parents to pick up their children or an approved substitute or agency.

Preschool Themes / Crafts: All crafts are done in the main daycare room in the kitchen area. Preschool themes and learning time is usually done in kitchen area but also on the carpeted area many times during reading etc.

Meals: Meals are prepared prior to the children arriving, so I do not have to leave the children to prepare meals. Meals are heated up in the microwave, if applicable, prior to serving. The microwave is in the same area where the children are. All meals are to be eaten at the table in the kitchen area of the daycare room only.

 Spare Bedroom / Nap room: SIDS/ Napping and Sleeping
Children sleep on cots in the separate spare bedroom (nap room) and some sleep in main daycare room. I also have a monitor that I can hear children in the nap room from my desk. They are also visually checked on every 15 minutes. Children under 2.5 years old will ALWAYS sleep in main daycare room where I am during nap time.

Storage/ Laundry Room:
The storage and laundry room, which are adjacent to the downstairs/basement daycare area has child safe door knob lock  on laundry room door and are not accessible to the children.

Child safety locks are on all doors and cabinets. Children cannot access anything that could harm them. I have a key located above the bathroom door to unlock the door quickly incase the child accidently locks themselves inside the bathroom.

Son’s Bedroom:
My adult son who attends college, his bedroom is down stairs.  His bedroom door has a child safety knob and children will NEVER have access to his bedroom.

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